Workforce Partnerships in Action

Atlanta CareerRise invests in planning, shaping and piloting employer-led, demand-driven partnerships in economic sectors that are growing and offer middle skill occupations that pay good wages.

Workforce Partnerships organize employers in growing industry sectors with workforce development, education and other key stakeholders to help frontline workers and underemployed individuals gain the skills they need for career advancement and to meet the employer's need for a skilled workforce.

This approach yields better outcomes for employers and workers. A national independent evaluation found that unemployed individuals participating in a healthcare workforce partnership were three times more likely to get a job in healthcare, and 14% more likely to get and keep a job at all. For more information, click here.

Advantages of our approach:

  • Shares experience and knowledge to set direction, drive best practices, and tap critical resources and capabilities.
  • Attacks barriers that emerge, such as transportation and childcare.
  • Promotes cooperation, networking and learning across the region's workforce development community.

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Atlanta CareerRise

Through workforce partnerships individuals can gain the skills they need for career advancement and to meet the employers' need for a skilled workforce!

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